2017 Newsletter: Wishing Dr. Perle A Warm Farewell

Dr. Perle Announces Retirement as NJAGD Executive Director

Dr. Charles PerleDr. Charles Perle (aka Poppy) has announced his retirement as NJAGD Executive Director, effective December 31 st . For those of you who don’t know Charles well, he has lived and breathed the AGD since the early 1970’s and knows more about the culture and the achievements of the NJAGD and AGD than anyone I know.

Charles was known for years at the AGD House of Delegates as a very eloquent delegate and a master of parliamentary procedure. He was also a mentor for many of the NJAGD leaders who went on to become national officers for the Academy.

When Charles was hired as the NJAGD executive person several years ago, the organization was suffering from financial problems and a stagnant board with no new leaders joining in. Charles has changed all that. In a few short years, the NJAGD is back in good financial shape and we have new young leadership on the NJAGD Board of Directors which we hope will take us to new heights. Personally, I have known Charles since we were kids growing up in Hudson County. Over the years he has given me lots of advice—some solicited and some not, but all valuable. I will cherish all the good times we’ve had over the years and look forward to more ahead.

Organized dentistry is engrained in Charles’s DNA. He understands the nuances of the politics better than anyone I know and will always be a resource for anyone wise enough to seek him out. Charles may be retiring from his executive post, but he is certainly not retiring from the NJAGD. I know that he will always have the NJAGD in his heart and he will always be welcome by his NJAGD colleagues.

Yours truly,

Scott M Dubowsky DMD FAGD Trustee,
Region 4